Rodent Control

Rodent Control

With more than two decades of experience in rodent control, Knockout Pest Control can help keep your home or business rodent free. In addition to residences and offices, we provide service to a variety of commercial accounts, including food handling and public storage businesses. After-hour emergency services are available.

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Getting rid of rats can be a real chore once they’ve gotten comfortable. A single litter of rodents can produce up to nine new rodents, that will be ready to reproduce in six weeks to three months. This is why you should call us at Knockout Pest Control at the first sign of rodents in your home or business.


Living in the southeast region has some major advantages, not only for humans, but for rodents as well. The ocean, river, lakes, and retention ponds in the area, make Northeast Florida a habitat that is quite conducive to rats, mice, and other rodents, because they provide these pests with sources of both food and water. Once they find a desired location, rodents then try to find a place for shelter and breeding.


While rats and mice are both rodents, there are different challenges with each type of infestation:

Close up photograph of a rat on a plank of wood


Rats can be difficult to control because they are very good at finding safe places that are hard for humans to reach. This can include tight attic areas and spaces between walls. It’s even common for rats to burrow under concrete slabs and porches in search of a place to settle.

In addition to their ability to find safe havens in homes and offices, they are wary by nature. They instinctively avoid anything new that is introduced into their familiar environment. This includes common methods of rodent extermination like bait and traps.


Smaller than rats, mice are more curious which can make them easier to control with traps. However, they are able to begin reproducing at about six weeks of age, which means you could have a big problem on your hands if you miss only a few while trying to remove them from your home or business.

Mice are mostly nocturnal, but they will come out during the day if something disturbs their nest. They are very fast runners and can squeeze through very small gaps, which makes them experts at snatching food and getting back to safety.

Close up photograph of mice in a bowl


Besides leaving a noticeable stench, rodents in your home or business can pose serious health issues to your family or customers. It’s no secret that rats and mice carry and spread parasites, viruses, and disease. Even if they don’t come into direct contact with a rodent, people can become ill after coming into contact with urine or feces.


An experienced pest control company, like Knockout Pest Control, knows how to remove rats, mice, and other rodents from houses, offices, and other commercial structures. We can also develop a customized plan to address any entry points to prevent rodents from reinfesting your structure.

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