How to Reduce the Number of Ways Household Pests Enter your Home

Jan 1, 2023

Household pests are a common struggle for home and business owners in Florida, particularly because of the humid climate and mild winters. While common pests, including ants, cockroaches, and even rodents, vary greatly in risk for harm or damage they cause – most building owners agree keeping as many of these pests from entering the structure as possible is smart. There are many ways pests enter a home. In preventing them from inhabiting that home – the first step is removing any easy access points.  

Strengthen the Home’s Perimeter

A home’s structure – including its foundation, frame, and roof forms a barrier between the inside of the home and the outdoor elements. When kept in good condition, these structures keep weather elements like rain as well as insects and other pests out. Structures by nature are not perfect, and when it comes to vulnerabilities, pests easily find and take advantage of them. Taking steps to strengthen a home’s exterior also means being proactive when it comes to pest control.

Regularly, inspect all places where pests can enter the home, including around window and door frames. Cracks in frames, tears in window screens, and failing sealant all offer pests direct access to the indoor environment. If any of these vulnerabilities appear, fix the issue by caulking any cracks or crevices, repairing screens, and properly applying sealing to create a strong barrier to pests coming inside.

One other effort owners can take to strengthen the perimeter of their homes is regular foundation inspections and maintenance. A structure’s foundation deteriorates over time, but significant cracks need addressing immediately – both from a structural standpoint and for pest prevention. Many household pests are tiny in size and can fit through even minute spaces. What may seem like a minor crack might be just the open door a pest needs to enter your home.

Keep Landscaping Tidy

Maintaining a strong perimeter makes sense, but is there a correlation between a home’s surroundings and pest prevention? The short answer is yes. When landscaping (bushes, shrubs, trees, etc.) extends too close to a property, they offer a clear path for pests to make it to your home’s perimeter. It’s best to keep trees at least 6 feet away from the structure. That 6-foot baseline refers to the furthest extending branches or limbs. So, planting a tree exactly 6 feet away means issues years down the road as it grows.

When it comes to plants surrounding the home, try not to plant too densely to avoid creating the perfect hiding space for pests that eventually might want to come inside. Keep up with mowing the lawn and regularly collecting and disposing of debris and excess mulch. For those looking to take it a step further, certain plant varieties are known to have pest-repellent properties. Those include herbs like rosemary and mint as well as vegetables like garlic and onions. Luckily for Florida residents, many of these plants can survive year-long due to very mild winters and lots of moisture in the air. Planting these plants near the home may deter pests from coming near the home’s perimeter and ultimately – inside. 

Invest in Regular Pest Inspections & Preventive Treatments

Even for homeowners who take all of the above precautions, the best protection for your home and family against pests is partnering with a local pest control company for regular, preventative treatments. Choosing local means access to technicians who are knowledgeable on the specific pests that tend to inhabit a region.

What does a regular pest control visit include? It depends on the provider, but at Knockout Pest Control, we take pest control seriously and have developed a proven, three-step process for ensuring your home is and remains pest-free. That begins with an initial inspection. If there is an existing pest issue the owner has noticed, we begin by inspecting the property for evidence of an infestation and any potential entry points into the home pests currently use or may discover in the future if not addressed.  

After a thorough inspection, our technicians consult with homeowners in a collaborative process of creating a customized treatment or protection plan. That plan addresses any existing infestations as well as includes preventive measures we can implement to limit pest issues in the future. The goal of this plan is to eliminate or drastically reduce the number of entry points for pests to easily access the home’s interior and potentially cause issues once inside.

The last, although ongoing, step in the Knockout process is the implementation of that home protection plan. This involves treating existing infestations and proactively treating all areas of the structure pests may inhibit. Our treatment plans include the home’s exterior as well. We essentially create a barrier using a granular base that we then distribute around the foundation, often using baits in the surrounding landscaping as well for further protection.  


We also operate with the Knockout Guarantee – offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee for one full year after an initial pest treatment. If the structure is re-infested with new or covered pests during that year, we provide another treatment immediately – at no cost to you! Whether you have an existing pest issue or simply want to reduce the number of ways pests can enter your home in 2023, the team at Knockout Pest Control can help.  Contact our team to schedule an inspection soon!