Choosing a Pest Control Service Provider

May 1, 2022

Any homeowner knows the importance of partnering with quality service providers when it comes to major systems such as plumbing and electrical. The reasoning behind this is that these systems directly affect the health and well-being of all individuals residing in the home. Not to be overlooked when it comes to homeownership is pest control. Properly preventing and controlling pest infestations also directly impacts resident health and wellness. So, choosing the right pest control provider is a critical decision. It’s a decision that can’t be made without performing due diligence in order to find the best option for your home and family. We advise home (and business) owners to consider the following when making this decision.


Not all pest control companies are created equal, and often what sets the great ones apart from the rest is proper training and industry expertise. Every state requires that pest control professionals be licensed, which signifies they possess the industry-standard certifications to be able to carry out the duties related to pest management successfully. A copy of this license should be presented to you upon request, so don’t be afraid to ask for it when seeking out a new company. Years of experience are also a good indicator that a professional has the tools and knowledge to handle your pest issues. Much about pest control is learned in real-world situations, so having encountered an issue several times before will better equip a professional with knowing the best way to handle it.

In addition to being licensed, only seek out pest control professionals who are also insured. When conducting an inspection or pest remediation, the techs must spend time in and around the building. Insurance offers protection should any damage occur or injuries ensue which that happens.


Like all home service providers, pest control companies often rely on word-of-mouth when it comes to securing new customers. Word-of-mouth used to be more literal, with recommendations made in physical conversations or over the phone among trusted acquaintances. However, the digital age has brought the ability to inform others of the experience a consumer had with a particular vendor with the click of a button. Online reviews allow consumers to hear directly from those who’ve interacted with a business, even if they don’t directly know them.

Many websites offer the option of reviewing a business, including social media platforms like Facebook and dedicated review sites such as Yelp. When looking for a pest control company, check out the reviews and read about experiences with that company to see if it is likely a business you wish to interact with. Look specifically for reviews that mention your unique wishes in a company, such as response time, quality of work, and pricing structure. Most of the time, businesses that have a history of satisfied customers will continue that trend with new customers as well.


Pest control experts use a variety of treatments and preventative efforts to ward off pests from a property. The combination of these treatments will depend on the type of infestation as well as the type and layout of the property. Any time chemicals are involved, knowing exactly what those are is critical in ensuring safety for people (and animals) living inside.

Chemical pesticides can be very dangerous if ingested. So, the EPA regulates which can be purchased and used by individuals and pest control companies. Be sure to only partner with a pest management team that only uses EPA-certified chemical treatments.

Another important factor to consider is the types of pest control services a company offers. Some companies work only within a small niche of pest control issues, such as termite control. Others deal with either insect or rodent infestations, not both. Choose a company that either specializes in the type of infestation you may deal with or one that offers a comprehensive suite of services that are sure to meet any pest control issue that might arise.


Since 1991, Knockout Pest Control has been partnering with home and business owners for their pest control services throughout the Jacksonville region. We take a highly customized approach when it comes to pest prevention and management. Each build is different in terms of its needs and the most likely pest issues to occur. So, we start our customer relationships with a detailed, on-site inspection. From there, we craft a tailored plan of action to treat any existing issues as well as prevent future ones.

Because our inspections and estimates are no obligation, homeowners can take the information and proceed on their own if they choose. However, the majority of those we meet love the comprehensive nature of our inspections and recommendations. They also love that our plans keep safety and convenience as top priorities and that our technicians receive extensive training (both in the classroom and in the field). We are often able to begin plan implementation the same day of your inspection. Otherwise, we offer flexibility and can work with you to coordinate a day and time that works for everyone.

But, don’t take it from us.  Hear it from those who’ve already chosen Knockout Pest Control for their pest control needs. We pride ourselves on a stellar track record of honesty, integrity, and superior customer service. As the area’s most experienced pest control experts, we look forward to continuing to serve Jacksonville residents for many years to come.  Contact us today to get started on a pest management plan for your property!